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*There is a limit on the number of people in the workshop. Please make an appointment in advance*

*$38 weekend and holiday fee will be waived for Emdroidery classes.*

2023 Mid-Autumn Festival-06.jpg

Rabbit Canvas Bag Basic Embroidery Class 🌕

2 hours

Each person $449

Including all necessary materials & basic tools


Date:Sep 3 or Sep 24 (Sun)



Workshop Outline:In this class, you will explore the use of embroidery tools, learn some common techniques and tips, including needle threading and tracing, start with simple and basic stitches and make three-dimensional embroidery. You can complete this embroidery work within this class. This workshop is for all levels​.

*After completion on this basic embroidery class, you can continue on regular embroidery class to learn more advanced techniques.

Lessons instructed by Gloria @ Nambroidery



2023 Mid-Autumn Festival_Cover.jpg

Taptap Moon Painting

1 hour

Each Person: $100 

Date:Sep 10 or Sep 17 or Sep 24 (Sun)

Time:within 14:00-18:00 (1 hour for each session)

Course Outline: Using sponge & acrylic colour, you can learn basic shadowing to create your own moon.



2023 Mid-Autumn Festival-07.jpg

Pressed Flower Latern🏮 🌕

1.5 hour

Each Person: $348

Date:Sep 10 or Sep 17 or Sep 24 (Sun)

Time:Between 14:00-18:00 (1.5 hour for each session)




2023 Mid-Autumn Festival-05.jpg

Mid-autumn floral lamp & rabbit flower basket 🌕

​1 hour

Floral Lamp: Each person: $580 *

including all seasonal flowers, moon lamp & the use of tools


Bunny Flower Basket:Parent-child price: $450 (one adult and one child complete one work)

including all seasonal flowers & the use of tools

Date:Sep 23 (Sat)

Time:14:00-15:00 or

            15:00-16:00 or


(Select one time slot for the workshop)

Workshop Outline:

You can experience basic flower arrangement for mid-autumn festival. 

You can complete this work within this class. This workshop is for all levels. Kids can complete a bunny flower basket with parents together!🐰🧺

Lessons instructed by @smoochfloraldesign