*Due to the epidemic, there is a limit on the number of people in the workshop. Please make an appointment in advance*

*$38 weekend and holiday fee will be waived for Emdroidery classes.*

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Basic Embroidery

Duration 8 hours in total ( 2 hours each in 4 sessions)

Each person $1980 

* Enjoy 5% off for 2people and up

Including all necessary materials, basic tools and dried flowers


Date:Lesson 1 - Jul 17 (Sun)

            Lesson 2 - Jul 24 (Sun)

            Lesson 3 - Jul 31 (Sun)

            Lesson 4 - Aug 7 (Sun)


Time:1100-1300(2 hours each)

​Location : Taihang centre ( 35 Sun Chun Street, Taihang)

Workshop Outline:Through making this floral garden embroidery, you will learn how to make full use of basic embroidery stitches as well as some tricks and techniques. With an addition of dried flowers, you will enjoy creating three-dimensional works. This piece can be hooped and become a great addition to your home decor or as a gift for your loved ones.  

L1: Introduction of hand embroidery tools, basic stitches and tricks, including threading needle and pattern tracing

L2: Learning a variety of outline embroidery stitches

L3: Learning filling embroidery stitches

L4: Explore raised and textured stitches, adding dried flowers and backing of hoop

*After completion on this basic embroidery workshop, you can choose a range of designated patterns and continue on regular embroidery class to learn more advanced techniques.

Lessons instructed by Gloria @ Nambroidery




Embroidery (Regular)

(2 hours per class)

Date: Starting from Sept (Sun: 1100-1300)

Price: $498 per class (includes basic tools; kit materials are not included)

* Enjoy 5% off for 2people and up


Course Outline: In regular classes, you can choose a variety of patterns and explore a wide range of embroidery techniques, including thread painting, 3D embroidery, ribbon embroidery and drawnthread work. Suitable for all levels (If you have not taken the previous Basic class, the first 1-2 classes will introduce some basic needlework).

If you have your own tools, bring them to see if they are applicable.

Lessons instructed by Gloria @ Nambroidery