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*There is a limit on the number of people in the workshop. Please make an appointment in advance*

*$38 weekend and holiday fee will be waived for Emdroidery classes.*

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Mini Tweed Bag Charm  Embroidery

Duration 4.5 hours in total ( 1.5 hours each in 3 sessions)

Each person $1138

* Enjoy 5% off for 2people and up

Including all necessary materials, basic tools and dried flowers



Lesson 1 - Apr 23 (Sun)

Lesson 2 - Apr 30 (Sun)

Lesson 3 - May 14 (Sun)



Class A: 11:30-13:00 ;

Class B: 13:30-15:00

(1.5 hours each)

Workshop Outline:In this embroidery course, you will explore the use of wool and shimmer threads to make three-dimensional embroidery. You can choose your favorite color to complete your own unique charm as your bag accessory.  This workshop is for all levels

L1: Introduction of embroidery tools, common techniques and tips, including needle threading and tracing, and start with simple and basic stitches

L2: Learn the three-dimensional filling embroidery method

L3: Complete work and add accessories

*After completion on this basic embroidery workshop, you can choose a range of designated patterns and continue on regular embroidery class to learn more advanced techniques.

Lessons instructed by Gloria @ Nambroidery




Embroidery (Regular)

(2 hours per class)

Schedule: every Sun 11:00-13:00

Price: $498 per class (includes basic tools; kit materials are not included)

* Enjoy 5% off for 2people and up


Course Outline: In regular classes, you can choose a variety of patterns and explore a wide range of embroidery techniques, including thread painting, 3D embroidery, ribbon embroidery and drawnthread work. Suitable for all levels (If you have not taken the previous Basic class, the first 1-2 classes will introduce some basic needlework).

If you have your own tools, bring them to see if they are applicable.

Lessons instructed by Gloria @ Nambroidery



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