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Art Circle X Moon of Silence
📣 Pet Market

Period: 16 October - 17 October 2021 (Sat-Sun)

Time: 12:00pm - 08:00pm

Venue: 35-36 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang

We are preparing to co-organize the market with @moon.of.silence~⛩

This time our theme is pets. There will be many stalls which bring along with pet (cat, dog, reptiles, hamster etc.) elements of clothing, handwork, pet food and supplies, etc., to host a market in Tai Hang😆 Welcome you guys to come and join the market in weekend.

​Vendors list
(not listed in order)


Selling horned frogs and all kinds of reptile supplies, taking care of each frog with your own hands,

Keep them healthy🐸

Provide professional novice breeding teaching


Pet Universe HK collects dog toys and snacks from all over the world for Hong Kong dog owners!

I don’t know where the large pet shops can find them~ High-quality experience guaranteed♡ 


Providing self-designed catnip toys, customised pet-related products and services, and produces a variety of different types of self-designed mobile phone peripheral products, painted carpets and pet blankets for pet owners.

Guests can keep the wonderful moments of pet owners through the product


Market limited discount pet accessories, dried snacks 

Two small shop managers on site


Hong Kong photographer, British photography master, many years of photography experience, traveled to Europe and Taiwan for shooting work


Promote and educate the public about the true nutritional needs of pets with homemade freeze-dried pet food


produced with love and care.

give your pets 100% organic pet care products with natural living

Australian Certified Organic - Australian made

Little Fangs

Little Fang mainly breeds all kinds of snakes and reptiles, and now also invests in reptile illustrations and making peripheral hand-made products. It is hoped that the use of illustrations will make the seemingly scary reptiles more acceptable to the public. Welcome everyone to consult and share feeding issues.


 21806555/ 91936007



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