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​Autumn Tour

Date : 28/11/2021 (Sun)


Time : 10: 00-17: 00


Location : Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve


Target : Children 

(Children over 6 years old can go with parents. Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by a parent.)

Price: $550 per person

10% off with student ID: $495

- Includes tour guide fee, drawing materials and tutor fee, one-way transportation fee, and a calendar production and design fee

- Children under aged 5 must be accompanied by a parent.

- If children over 6 years old are accompanied by their parents, an additional $100 will be charged for the bus and tour guide fee


Painting tutor: Miss Carmen & Miss Cathy


Tour guide: Rocky and Sunny

Undergraduate in the Department of Ecology in the Hong Kong University. Participated in ecological surveys and assisted the university in collecting research data. Rich experience in leading groups, and a deep understanding of the natural ecology of Hong Kong


Lunch: Children need to bring their own Lunch Box


Departure: The tour bus fee is included.

Assemble at Whampoa Studio at 10:00

Return: Disassemble at the parking lot of Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve at 17:00. Children accompanied by parents can leave on their own. Others will be disassemble at Whampoa Studio with tutors at 18:00.

Children need to bring Octopus.


Quota: 15 children (+ up to 15 parents)

For the itinerary and more details, please refer to poster🔖

The quota is limited. If you feel interested, please register and complete the payment before 15/11 (Monday).

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