Physical Class


-Sketching (Still Life/Portrait)




(all media charge the same)


$1680/12 hours ($140/hr) must finish in 60 days

$1280/8 hours($160/hr)   must finish in 45 days

$1080/6 hours($180/hr)   must finish in 30 days

$388/2 hours ($194/hr) trial

2 people or up take 6 hour or above packages can enjoy 10% discount. 

-Drawing tools and materials are included in the cost.

-Class time can be arranged flexibly, and exclusive schedules can be freely combined.

-Students can arrange and book suitable class time according to their personal schedule, which is suitable for college students or people who work irregular hours.

Suggest 1.5-2 hours per lesson

Reference for the opening hours of virtual class

(Whampoa Store)

Monday 1100-1400

Tuesday 1430-1600 / 1900-2200

Wednesday 1930-2200

Thursday 1500-2200


(TaiHang Store)

Wednesday 1300-2200

Friday 1300-2200

Sunday 1300-1900

All 1900-2200 please make an appointment in advance

*Please inquire and make an appointment with CS



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